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How to Spend the Night in a Luxurious Truck Volvo VNL

The presentation of the new generation of long-haul Volvo VNL was held by Volvo Trucks North America in the summer of 2017. And it was so unique that it got into the Guinness Book of Records.

How to Spend the Night in a Luxurious Truck Volvo VNL

And just recently, one of the correspondents of the Jalopnic portal, journalist Jason Torchinsky, decided to visit the Volvo Trucks plant in Virginia. And he had a unique opportunity to spend the night in a new long-haul tractor Volvo VNL 760.

Model Volvo VNL 760 is equipped with a sleeping compartment with a length of 70 inches (177 cm) and a height from floor to ceiling - 100 inches (254 cm). There are two wide beds, a microwave, a refrigerator, a large TV and an excellent audio and video system.

The tractor has a new hood, grille and LED optics and due to the optimization of aerodynamics fuel consumption is reduced by 7.5%.

Among the other innovations under the hood is a 13-liter Volvo D13 TC engine (Turbo Compound) with turbo-compressor technology, with a capacity of 375 - 500 hp. Today Volvo Trucks is the only truck producer who uses exhaust energy to increase engine power.